Enjoy a personalized nearshoring strategy and services that include end-to-end recruitment, legal and administrative support.

Step 2: HR & Recruitment

Enjoy a comprehensive recruitment service of tech talents in Krakow including complete screening of the candidates, HR and payroll services.

Step 1: Satellite Office Setup

We setup your legal presence in Poland, so you could nurture your company’s culture and values, and protect your IP. Enjoy fast and easy office setup service.

Step 3: Interim Management

Start your operations in Poland smoothly! Your interim manager will make sure that your team is happy and has everything to demonstrate a high performance.


Nearshoring is a practice of setting up a satellite office or hiring a workforce at a relatively close location to your main location.


Nearshoring in Poland has huge advantages comparing to offshore outsourcing. It makes communication and cooperation smooth and easy. Why?

  • Same time zone
  • Cultural proximity
  • High English language skills
  • Your IP is protected by EU law
  • Excellent engineering competency
  • Approx. 20-30% lower costs of salaries, office space, accounting and legal services

Krakow is one of the hottest locations for nearshoring thank to the amazing pool of talents and truly affordable services.

Need a professional help to setup your nearshore team? Get in touch with us at


You can mix and match services.

Company setup: 3000 Euro
Accounting and payroll: from 150 Euro/month
Office rent: from 1000 Euro/month
Recruitment: commission based
Interim manager: 2000 Euro/month

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