Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Develop Your Blockchain Startup In Poland

Poland already gained a reputation of the startup hub in Europe. And it’s aiming to become a number one destination for Blockchain startups from all over the world to get their MVPs ready for ICO! Blockchain technology is a new phenomenon to the world and still it remains a mystery in Europe. However, lately, Poland Blockchain startup market started to boom. The reasons for that are the number of skilled developers, affordability, and a supportive Blockchain community.

Poland is affordable

Poland has one of the lowest prices on food and accommodation in Europe, while it still maintains Western Europe standards for quality of life and working ethics. Poland offers skilled developers at affordable price. For example, in our Blockchain startups incubator at Forklog we provide Fullstack Java developer for only $4000, while in other parts of the world such specialist can cost up to $8000/month. Office space, accounting, transportation are cheap as well comparing to the Western Europe and US, and yet the quality remains superb.

Skilled developers

Every company or startup is interested in finding a high-quality developer that would not cost a fortune. Eastern Europe is famous for Blockchain developers, who come from Russia, Ukraine etc. For example, Vitalik Buterin, an inventor of Ethereum also originates from Russia. It’s more difficult to find such experts in US or West Europe, and they will really cost you an arm and a leg. Such high demand for skilled developers in Poland led to a rise in their number. According to Hucker Rank list Poland is the first country worldwide in Java, second with best software developers in Europe and third one in the whole world.

Strong community

Poland boasts a lot of famous Blockchain startups like, BitPay, or and more of them are coming up – so it’s an ideal place to meet those cool people and developers, who are always happy to share their experience with you.

Polish blockchain startup scene is constantly growing and all of startups are eager to help and support each other. This works both ways! Don’t forget about Blockchain events and conferences. In Krakow alone, there are at least 2-3 Blockchain related events every week! We often host Blockchain events in our coworking space featuring foreign and local experts, heated discussion and innovative approaches to creating startups and promoting ICOs. That is the kind of the vibrant community that can help you turn all your good ideas into the REAL business.

In the light of the above there is no doubt that Poland is a great place to launch a Blockchain startup without spending millions. It is a perfect country to develop your Blockchain company because everything you need is already here, just come and take this opportunity. And if you need any help with development, networking or investors relationship you can always meet us at Forklog and all our community will be there for you to help.

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